MDcure – As seen at the 2014 NCLC

MDcure – As seen at the 2014 NCLC

Lower back pain therapy based on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

Based on years of research and development, MDcure is the most simple to use lower back treatment device in the category of electrotherapy.

MDcure is a SMART  technological device with SIMPLE application. It delivers Aerotel's patent-pending, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, through a small, portable, 1-button operating device. MDcure's treatment pad provides ultimate coverage of the lower back area. With no electrodes or stickers it works through clothing and can be used at the office, while watching TV and even while sleeping.

MDcure generates an extremely low electromagnetic field that has positive physiologic effects including increased blood flow and perfusion, improved cell metabolism, better waste removal, and balanced distribution of ions across the cell membrane, resulting in pain reduction and better range of movement. MDcure requires no prescription and can be used by your patients in and out of the clinic.

MDcure מבית אירוטל Aerotel Ltd  המשביר 19 חולון, מיקוד 5885325  |  טל': 03-5585515 פקס: 03-5585516 דוא"ל:

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